Why You Need To Start An Online Bussinesss

  The world is changing and the times are moving ,once upon a time those who had the biggest farmlands had the most wealth.It changed again with the introduction of oil ,those who had most oil mines earned the most money ,then came gold and the same happened. But its victory was short lived ,the… Continue reading Why You Need To Start An Online Bussinesss

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10 Things that will improve your cash-flow.

In the world of business whether you are a loser or a winner is determined by the results you produce not the potential you have.Take it this way: Everyone has potential and everyone is capable of producing results so stop being childish ,be humble ,face reality and start changing your life. Some businesses have made… Continue reading 10 Things that will improve your cash-flow.

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How to get most profitable business ideas from the problems you face.

In the post million dollar mindset  I explained what it really takes to be considered an entrepreneur or a business person focusing mainly on the mindset and the attitude we all should have and I would recommend you should take a look at it because without that mindset in you there is no entrepreneur ,there… Continue reading How to get most profitable business ideas from the problems you face.


Keyword Research|How|why|Complete Guide

WHAT IS KEYWORD MARKETING RESEARCH It is the practice of searching for the actual words that people enter into major search engines and use that knowledge for optimization with the intention of ranking higher in search series and to gain a better understanding of our audience REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD USE KEYWORD MARKETING RESEARCH If… Continue reading Keyword Research|How|why|Complete Guide


Million Dollar Mindset: Be Unstopable!!!

I want whosoever is going to read this post to approach it   with the eyes of a child-just wait for second and unlock that deeper inner desire to learn because this is definitely going to help you.Everybody wants to increase their income-buy better houses ,drive fancy cars and retire early _yes  we all want to. But according… Continue reading Million Dollar Mindset: Be Unstopable!!!