10 Things that will improve your cash-flow.

In the world of business whether you are a loser or a winner is determined by the results you produce not the potential you have.Take it this way: Everyone has potential and everyone is capable of producing results so stop being childish ,be humble ,face reality and start changing your life.

Some businesses have made it in a  very reputable way and  the right business mind doesn`t envy those who have made it but seeks to learn and improve their own and these are ten universal things that lead to a steady cashflow in the long&/ short run.


Everyone thinks they have a vision but the truth of the matter is that only 20% of people in every society do have vision and what the remaining 80% have are wishes. Their anthem is I will ….have this…do this….be great and so on but they don`t know how exactly they are going to do that.

Are you one of the 80%? Then you need to do something about so that  you won`t be the fool who brags about everything they will never have and these are the simple steps you need to follow:

1]Make your greatest wish, something if you would have been given your life will never be the same again and write it down.

2]Specify  the time frame during which you would to attain your wish

3]Break it into small manageable tasks and set deadlines for example if your aim is to make $1000.00 in 100 days you would need to make $0,41 an hour which is more manageable[A Goal].

4]Try all the things you think can make you $0,41 an hour until you find the real and then go for it

2.]Buy Assets not Liabilities

To an entrepreneur an asset is something that brings in money and a liability is something that takes away money. This means that your most beautiful and cherishable house can be a liability.

And do you really need that glamorous phone? If ever you are going to be part of the top 20% people in your society who controls 80% of the resources you need to start buying assets instead. Somethings like vending machines, sawing machines  and pool tables because even the smallest asset that earns you the smallest penny passively can make a difference if well-managed.
Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom


Facebook do not benefit directly from everyone but because on Facebook there are lots of people companies are going to throw advertisements because their customers are on facebook so facebook makes their money through Advertising. That is their system ,you don’t have to sell every time or make money directly every time someone uses your product or service but you must have your own business system that is supported by your business.

WhatsApp then came with subscriptions and google with AdSense .The ability of your best idea to stand out does not only depend on the value that you add in people`s lives but also how you monetize/ how you sell.

4]The Exposure you have

You are exposed to Facebook and WhatsApp  and that is what you know how to do: Flirting, making killer statuses and stuff like that which is not bad but imagine the knowledge and techniques you now have were those that are helpful to your business simply you had connected to the stuff related to your business.

Sometimes you business is not that bad but the way you are doing it is outdated or uses the wrong system. Maybe your monetization isn`t that great or maybe you are pressing wrong buttons so why not spend time reading ,watching ,listening and connecting to stuff that help you and now it has  become so easy with the internet.

5]The Value you offer

Who amongst you was forced to buy an android phone? Nobody! And that`s because it was offering what you need. Or has anyone of you been forced to enter a grocery store?  The problem with most businesses now is they are trying to force themselves on their customers and that will never work. You want people to come to your website when even you have not benefited from the things you are offering and how do you think that would be possible.

You need to reconsider every business idea that you think of and if it is not going to add value into the lives of people…stop it! But now value must not always be serious or super expensive processes. Simple fun videos can enlighten somebody`s day-that is value ,replying your viewers` questions is adding value to them or a unique customer service strategy.


Most businesses have great value to offer and the best systems but their rate of implementing is slow. And nobody wants to be associated with a company that keeps them waiting for days. If you run a promotion..give the winners their prices fast. And if you think of an idea implement it as fast as you can and bear the results while it’s still or before anyone takes over.

Who would want to watch news on a channel that broadcasts events three days after they have happened? Or follow a website whose owner appears only once in a year? So why do you still expect customers to be around while you are slow? Improve your speed and efficiency and see if your cashflow won`t improve.


How do you expect customers to come to you when they don`t even know you exist. If you create your product ,your content ,service or anything you have to offer do not expect people to just magically start coming to buy from you or to visit your website. You need to start marketing your business and create awareness. Use free and paid social media advertising or employ someone who knows how to do marketing.



A sales process is a systematic approach that you implement involving a series of steps to make more meaningful sales in a shortest period possible to minimize expenses and maximize profits. Now all sales follow the following basic process summarized and outlined in a video here :

1]Acquiring the knowledge of your product/service

2]Acquiring the right selling mindset

3]Doing a product inventory

4]Researching and reaching your possible clients

5]The presentation you do

6]Makin the offer and giving options

7]Closing a sell

A business` survival depends on its ability to make sales. And now selling is a professional process and it needs the properly trained people to conduct it and the good news is there is now a lot of information on the internet that teaches you exactly how to make sales using the right sales processes. Always remember that selling is the blood of every business so never take it for granted.


The mental capabilities of the staff you employ will to a very large extent determine the financial success of your business. If it is a solo business the staff I am talking about is you, after all you are the one who is supposed to encourage entrepreneurship within your business and you are the one responsible for their education[which can be in form of videos or anything]

Control is important but you must encourage them to continue improving themselves and to always think smarter before implementing anything. There is a famous saying that goes ,”Don`t tell a person how to  do things but rather tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their methods”. You need to consider that one.


You will always that zeal for you to keep going. Never ever lose the energy you had while you were starting so you will always need to connect yourself with the right stuff that will help you shun all negativity.

Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom


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