Top 10 profitable online&offline ventures you can do in Zimbabwe today.

Zimbabwe is a great nation which once clocked a GDP per Capita of $1236.23  and has got a lot of resources too but the economy has not been really well in the previous years which have left almost 90% of Zimbabweans unemployed. I am pretty sure anyone who has heard of the country through the media doesn`t really want anything to do with it business wise.

But is it really the end of the story for Zimbabweans and those who want to do business there?.. The answer no because Zimbabweans are naturally born entrepreneurs ,they have the desire ,the instinct and the ability to work which is why I have done this post to specifically teach them of the business ideas they are still pursue both online and offline.

1.]Online Freelancing

.A freelancer basically is a person who works for many companies at the same time rather than being permanently employed.

.There are a lot of freelancing sites  like , and where literally millions of online jobs are posted daily. You simply have to list your skill set and then the jobs related to you are posted right into your email.

.These jobs range from small tasks like doing a web research for a company/posting  on someone`s facebook page to relatively complicated ones like designing softwares.The good thing is people of all skill sets with or without academic qualifications are incorporated.

.You simply need a working bank account and internet connection. Doing online transactions in Zimbabwe is now a little bit easier with the Econet MasterCard.

2]Penny Stock Trading

Penny stocks are shares that cost less than $5,00 which make it easier for people with a lower  capital base to trade too. What you simply need is the right knowledge ,a brokerage account and a good strategy.

Please note that the fact that starting stock trading does not make it technically easy too. You direly need to follow your strategy always ,find yourself a good coach.The good news is you can have access to best stock traders like Timothy Sykes`s lessons for free .

You need to stop believing the hype and be willing to learn first. You need an amount close to $500.00 to open a brokerage account

3]Completing Surveys

There  are a lot of sites like and which pay you for your information.

.You simply need to open accounts with them for free ,a working bank account and then you can start conducting surveys.

.In Zimbabwe there is a common saying that goes , “Information is power” and that`s just right with online surveys you get paid for your power.

4]Vending Machines

Vending has been a little bit of a nuisance in the country but that does not make it a bad thing…its just the method through which it is being conducted that is not very good. A vending machine is a machine that dispenses small particles such as food ,drinks and cigarettes when a coin is inserted.

Do you know that you can make close to $50,00 through vending daily while sitting at home? What you simply need is a good vending machine placed at a strategic position. The country is encouraging entrepreneurship and I am quite sure you have troubles with your local council in asking for permission to set up one.

.Now vending machines can be purchased from prices as little as $200.  making it possible for startup entrepreneurs to venture into this one.

5] Gaming

Did you know that you can get paid for downloading, playing games and giving your reviews? Well there are lots of sites out there that allow you to do just that with a few examples being , , and

Like other online ventures you need a bank account capable of doing online transactions like the Econet MasterCard and internet connection.

6]Social Media Marketing

How about getting paid for uploading your status or sharing your views on your Facebook page and/ account? Isn`t that fascinating? Well it is and you can make up to $25,00 daily during your first year.

Companies and websites need to advertise so that people  see their products and what they have to offer. And if you can do it on your social sites that’s social media marketing and you can get paid to do it.

But it is not as easy as it sounds ,it takes your ability to stand out in your social media community and be noticeable which is quiet demanding but the good news is you can do it as you live your life normally wherever you are without paying a cent.

7]Producing YouTube Videos

Are you good at making videos that attract attention of people? If your answer is yes then this one is yours.

Youtubers earn roughly $5000.00 for every 1000 0000 views they get which scales down to $5.00 per 1000 views and anyone who has been on YouTube will agree with me that a thousand views isn`t that great. To get started you need a YouTube channel which is free to start and a bank account that can do online transactions which is available in Zimbabwe.

However it might take some time before you really start to rank higher in YouTube searches unless if your content and keywords is unique enough so there are lots of marketing to be done but it is totally worth it.

8]Fish farming Business

Fish farming has no been really popular in Zimbabwe but millions of Zimbabweans consume it as part of their diet  which is why the fish prices are relatively higher in the country.

I did a post that explains that fish farming if done really well can raise up to $123,26  in 6 months .To see it CLICK HERE.


Blogging can be really exciting or really daunting  simply because  it is more demanding and it takes time to start making some real money from it but if done well it can be a lot more profitable.

There are literally plenty[exceeding 20] ways to make money through blogging.To get started  you need  a blog hosted on a good platform ,the ability to create original and valuable content and most importantly the passion in what you are doing.

Blogging can be really challenging and if you  opt for it don’t be the guy who stops after one month but rather be the one who keeps learning and applying.

10.]Being who you are

What I like about modern-day entrepreneurship is that everyone can be paid for who they are. If you are a comedian you can try stand up comedy/making comic YouTube videos .If you a novel fanatic you can get paid to read books and give reviews at sites like If you a fluent English speaker/teacher you can go for online tutoring .

Or are you someone whom nobody understands/socially unacceptable? Or you are just crazy sites like will link you with people who can pay you to do things like swimming in mud. So when you choose what to go for just choose what you are able to do/ what you are passionate about and focus on it.









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