Fish farming business |Idea |startup |budget |Plan| Considerations

An average individual in the world consumes at least 10 kilograms of fish per  year  which amounts to 80 billion kilograms being consumed worldwide.

Of the 80 billion  kilograms consumed  56% comes from fish farming which equals to 145 million tones worth US $132 billion..

Take note that environmentalists are continuing against mass fishing in seas yet the medical industry keeps on emphasizing on the importance of increasing fish in diet so the fish farming industry is expected to continue rising sharply.


1]This post will help you know the most profitable types of fish farming available and under each type there will be the:

.Best systems to use and costs of setting up the system

.The equipment required and the cost of  the equipment

.The breeds that perform better and the cost of the fingerlings

.The expected time frame

.The management required and management costs

.Locations where the farming type performs better

.Harvesting techniques and associated costs

.The estimated profits per hectare and per square metre

.Considerations and ways to maximize profits

1]Grass Carp Fish Farming


.In 2016 it had an annual production of 7,63 million tonnes worth 8 billion US dollars

.Mostly grown for meat taking only 6 months to reach an average weight of  1kg

.It is best grown in cages and ponds .The cost of successfully installing a cage is $5,00 per square metre[ALIBABA prices]

.Stocking rate is 150 fingerlings   per  square metre which cost $83,00 [proper fingerling management which is recommended by the supplier should be observed]

.For best results feed sorely on 32/3% soy-based feed. For fish stocked  per 1 square metre only  193 kg of the feed is needed which cost  $47,00

.The grass carps have got a higher survival rate averaging at 92%  for well farmed fish. The estimated harvest after 6 months per square metre is 140kg which is worth $156,00.

.Additional costs include heating costs[in cold climates  ,Management costs[e.g labour] ,harvesting costs and post harvest costs.

.The total estimated cost is $130,00 per square metre

.The estimated net profit per square metre is   $26 which is approximately  $260 000 per hectare.


Facts about grass carp,



.In 2016 it had an annual production of  4,76 million tonnes  worth   6,29 billion dollars.

.Most tilapia species take 5 months to reach maturity with an average weight of 2,5kg

.Tilapia can be best grown in a variety of systems and/ methods like in ponds ,floating cages ,tanks and raceways and recirculating systems.

.The cheapest of these are the ponds and the tanks because they can be made of almost entirely homemade equipment.

.To construct a pond for tilapia you need only  a well dug pit[1,7 m deep and the width depends on how much you want to stock] and a suitable polycontainment liner[which costs   $0,50 per square metre  ]

.The fingerlings are stocked at  a rate of  200 fingerlings   per square metre. 200     fingerlings cost $224 at Lakeaway Tilapia and free  shipping.               .

.Tilapia fish are omnivorous making it easier to feed them. The best feed is aquamax which  comes as aquamax starter[8,32 pounds needed which cost $70,90]   ,grower[12,90 pounds needed which cost $107,00] and finally denser[175 pounds needed which cost around $425,00]

.Tilapia has a very high survival rate of  95% when grown well which produce 190  pounds of fish per square metre  which is worth $1117,00

.The total costs for growing tilapia including management costs is around $850  per square metre

.So the estimated net profit per square metre is  $267,00 which scales up to $2 670 000  per hectare    .



.Common carp production is increasing with production in 2006 being around 3,76 million tonnes  and now estimated at 5,06 million tonnes  yearly which is worth  $7,03 billion dollars .It is the second most important commercially grown fish species after grass carp.

.They are freshwater species ike Nile tilapia and grass carp and can be best grown in ponds which cost around $2,00 to set up per square metre.

.An average weight of a mature common carp is 4,5kg  taking .

.The stocking rate for common carp is 150  per square metre.150  Common carp fingerlings are in abundance in many stores and  cost  around $76,00  .

.The common carp production is similar to that of grass carp [Some farmers claim to have grown the fish together in the same pond]

.The price of common carp is a bit higher than that of grass carp by an average of $0,15

.The estimated profits and costs per square metre are the same as for grass carp

.If you are going to farm salmon at a very large-scale labour costs, transport costs ,harvesting and post harvesting costs become significant..



Nutrient Requirements of Fish and Shrimp (Animal Nutrition)

Freshwater Aquaculture: A Handbook for Small Scale Fish Culture in North America

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