5+ profitable ideas which convert well in any country

This article is meant to catapult you to the next level of your financial freedom and the things I share here are things I tried myself so I know what exactly they really mean. Often times i listen to stories aspiring entrepreneurs  complaining about competition and others about lack of resources.

.And now those factors are real and it would be very  unfair if any entrepreneur try to brush them off because maybe as you are reading this you do not even have reasonable ways in mind to get the money to fund your business ideas but is it the end of your dreams? Noo!!!.The answer is absolutely no because there are plenty ways through which you can still earn handsomely  any environment in your first day/s into the venture and the following is my top list:



I really  enjoy blogging and youtubing   for the impact these platforms are  creating into people`s lives but as far as fast online income generating is concerned they are not even near to fast. This is simply because they require a lot of learning and application,,, for the long-term yes,, but here are other platforms on which even armatures  can make as much as $20 per hour their first day of business.

My favourite is FREELENCER.COM  where literally millions of  jobs are posted every day.  The jobs posted range from simple tasks such as doing web search for another company or commenting on someone`s Facebook page to complex ones such as doing search engine optimisation for new websites but the good news is that they all pay reasonably. You simply need a working bank account and  internet connection.

There are also good sites where you can work online like Zirtual.com where you work as a virtual assistant and FIVVER.COM where you sell your services like web research. Now fast money-making online ventures are one thing keep on reading so you can learn more:



This is for those who sell either goods or services and one way or the other we all will and the price tag is the monetary value you put upon your product or service.Before i share with you how you can take advantage of the price tag to make more money i want to share with you part of my findings when i was doing research on the topic:

 One day I accompanied a friend to a small Champagne store and was long que so I had to wait for him a little bit longer than i expected. Those days I was taking online sales lessons and the common phrase was ‘ the more sales you make the more money you make also’, but what I learnt from the store made me reconsider what I heard learnt.. It happened that there was a new cheaper champagne [$10.20] and it seemed that it was way more popular than any other beverage. So I started counting the number of people who opted for the cheaper champagne against the more expensive one[$29,85]. I found out that out of the 11 people who were in front of my friend in the que  7 opted for the cheaper one and only three for the more expensive one. But what really amazed me is that the expensive one had actually brought in more money[$29,85 x 3 =$89,55] than the cheaper one[$10,20×7=$71,40]. And out of curiosity I went over to one of the people who had purchased an expensive champagne and asked why she opted for it and her answer really amazed me,’ I believe in quality and it think the high-price tagged. one is of high quality’

What i observed that day really got me thinking so i  went on to conduct more research on the issue and I concluded that in society there are always people like that , people who would if given two identical ball points one with higher price tag and the other with a lower one they will always buy the overpriced one.

Now I am not urging you to over value your products or services but what I am simply telling you is that you should not be afraid of valuing your product to its worth because somebody will always buy it and it is most likely that you will earn even more as compared as compared to what you would have done with a lower price..

I told you this because there are sites I will share below  where you will have to put a price tag on the services you offer  and i don`t want you to be lured by lack of self-confidence into working for garbage..



Passive or unearned income is income made in a regular basis  with little or minimal effort to maintain the source of your income. There are plenty of ventures from which you can earn passively ranging from goods and services to assets and below are my top 4 classes:

[a]Properties &/ ASSETS

My favourite venture under this category are  venting machines..highly affordable, very high income returns and very durable. These are machines that dispense food products like snacks ,soft drinks and beverages to a customer automatically. Once successfully set up all you have to do is to fill in the product and collect the money.

Other good passive income generating properties include pool tables , apartments for rental and motor vehicles for rental..


There are a lot of options from which you can choose under trading and they all require a very affordable amount of money input[capital] to start with very notable examples being AFLIATE MARKETING[you just need a blog and a niche], DROP SHIPPING  ,INVESTING IN STOCKS and finally FOREX TRADING.


One way or the other we all play games and you can get paid for doing just that. All you need to do is to download the game , play it and then share your experience . Sites like DAZZLE.COM and 10 others listed here   allow you to do just that.


You can also do online surveys where you would be asked to answer survey questions and get paid at  sites like  Getpaidsurveys.com and  Inboxdollars.com  .You can also participate in reading books sites where you get paid for reading books and giving reviews.



There are a lot of things you can do to start earning on social media sites. What I like about these is that as you do them you will not only be enjoying but also you do not need a strict schedule or any significant extra capital input and also you will be equipping yourself with information concerning people`s behavioral patterns which is very essential in entrepreneurship.The following are two  examples of how you can earn on social media sites:


As there is an increase in demand for social media market the demand for active and lively social sites is also increasing. Tumblr ,Evenbrite ,twitter, facebook pages  and Reddit are just are few examples of social media sites which are increasingly being popular on online market sites. What you simply have to do is to start creating multiple accounts today ,start growing the amount of followers or likes and when the page is ripe sell it on online market places like Fiverr.com. To fast forward the growth of your sites you can sign up for paid marketing   campaigns on these sites and I tell you those campaigns are worth it..


Do you have a bigger twitter followers base? DO you have a rocking Facebook page? Or that lively linked in account? Or any huge social site account ….If so then congratulations advertise yourself as a social media marketer and get hired to advertise products/services on your pages.. But be careful not to annoy your faithful followers with ads not meaningful to them..The y have to stay relevant to the reason why they decided to follow your pages in the first place..


If you are a blogger ,online trader , a freelancer or any entrepreneur you have to be serious about your social media activity in all social sites connected to your social networks because besides bringing in traffic it also affects how your google rankings now determined by the ranking robot[RANK BRAIN].




Now this might not necessarily fit well under this topic but many entrepreneurs are not making it not because they are  not doing something great but simply because their selling skills are not on top of the notch ..How they approach clients ,how they make their presentations and how they close their sales is just poor.

Brian Tracy a renowned salesman always say that no matter how brilliant you are in any business you will not earn a penny unless if you make a sale which is why I thought it would be ruthless to conclude this article without mentioning the role played by sales skills The good thing is you can learn the fundamentals in one day..unbelievable right? Well maybe but I would recommend you try the link I gave below before you start doubting:

How to sell your product or service..sales training



 You need to be consistent in any fast money-making venture you decide to go for from the once I listed above because that way recruiters are going to be more comfortable in hiring you to perform their tasks


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